2nd Grade Classroom Observation Essay

Reflection #3 – Classroom Observations I have been shadowing in Ms. Elizabeth Linville’s second grade class at Speas Elementary School. There are twenty students in the class. On the first day that I was observing, Ms. Wooten was an aide and seemed to help the class as a whole by wandering around and helping with the spelling of words during the writing period of the day. On other days, Ms. Wooten reads a chapter of a book between the last scheduled activity and dismissal. But since the first day, Ms. Wooten has not been present for more than her story reading time at the end of the day. The desks in the classroom are arranged in small table-like structures with five to six students seated at individual desks. Each student’s name is written large and legibly on the corner of the desk in black sharpie. They are also all assigned a number that they write next to their name on every assignment they hand in. There is a daily schedule posted at the front of the classroom and one just outside the door in the hallway. The one at the front has removable nametags to allow for different line leaders and helpers each week. The walls of the classroom offer lots of knowledgeable information. And I do think the information is displayed in a clear way that definitely had children in mind. The alphabet lines the front of the room along the ceiling. The closet doors have the days of the week listed in both English and Spanish and the


coming from several different races. The class contains Caucasians, African Americans,and Hispanic students. The students come from a variety of socioeconomic statuses aswell. Some come from families that are in poverty while others come from families thathave plenty of everything they need.Setting:For the observation I was in an elementary classroom. It was very bright and welldecorated by the teacher. The room had drawings on the wall that students had made for the teacher, an area for a student of the week, and a large carpeted area for reading timefor the students. The room also had colorful letters of the alphabet hanging from theceiling and a spot marked off on the chalkboard where the students would place a magnetof their name under if they packed or were getting the school meal for lunch.The teacher’s desk was placed in the back of the classroom so that she could seeall of the students from her desk. The children’s desks were placed in squares makinglittle groups containing four students each. During the observation I sat in the back of theclassroom at an extra desk that the teacher kept next to hers. This way I could see theentire classroom and the reading area, since they used both areas while I was observing.Procedures:In order to select my subject of study I first thought of what all I could observethat would incorporate with my academic interest. Once I decided that I wanted toobserve a teacher and their classroom it was very simple to set up. I already have to tutor at a school for another class so I set up to observe for an hour at that school after mytutoring session.

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