Essay On Picnic Party With Family

As a family, we love having picnics.  Eating lunch or snacking at a picnic table or on a picnic blanket is a perk of the nice weather.  Sometimes they are impromptu, but we prefer to have some planning involved.

Picnics can be a lot of fun and easy to prepare for with these simple how to plan a picnic tips:

Picnic Food

Sure, you could just throw a few snacks in a bag and call it a picnic, but if you are planning a day outside or away from home, you may have to prepare better than that.

The great thing about a picnic is that you don’t have to plan out a whole meal, just have enough food to set up a mini-buffet.

When possible, I highly recommend using reusable containers for all your food.  It reduces waste and makes packing up very easy.

If you are bringing products that need to remain cool, keep in mind the need for ice packs, or better yet, a plug-in cooler for in the vehicle.

What Picnic Food Should You Bring?

  • Pre-cut fruit, berries, bananas or apples (fruit with their own ‘packaging’)
  • Dry snacks such as pretzels, nachos, crackers or cookies. Here’s a few great granola bar recipes you can try.
  • Sandwiches or wraps – peanut butter requires no cooling, but if you prefer try egg salad sandwiches or veggie wraps with cheese. Checkout these Steller Sandwich recipes for a few ideas.
  • Salads (again, depending on cooling) but ones that are easy to eat such as macaroni or potato (leaf salads are messy, require dressing and so on)
  • Drinks (water in reusable containers are recommended because they can be refilled, but sometimes juice boxes are a fun and easy addition) TIP: Add frozen juice boxes to the cooler to act as ice packs. Hydration is very important when outside in the sun. If you’re looking for some fun ways to keep your fluids up, try some of these thirst quenchers.

The Art of Packing for a Picnic

There really is a trick to packing and ensuring your food fits in your picnic basket (or reusable bag or container).   Packing doesn’t only mean trying to make everything fit but also remembering items that will make set up and clean up a breeze.

What do you need to pack well?

  • Reusable food containers and a few small empty bowls (for sharing and food portioning with children)
  • Drink containers
  • Napkins or paper towels
  • Plastic bags for waste or dirty items
  • Cutlery
  • Paring knife
  • Wet wipes or a wet cloth in a plastic sandwich bag for sticky fingers
  • Picnic blanket (any blanket will do!)

And what should you pack everything in? There are some wonderful picnic bags/baskets/knapsacks on the market that include things like a cutting board or plates.  But, if you don’t want to buy something new, I often just use a cooler with ice and a giant reusable container to put the smaller ones in, or throw everything in a cloth bag.  As long as it’s easy to carry, you will be fine!

Picnics are fun and filled with memories.   When will you plan your next picnic?


We all love to go for picnics during our holidays, especially in the winter season. A picnic brings about excitement, exhilaration and breaks the monotony in our lives. I also had gone for a picnic with my family and relatives, the memories of which I will always cherish. We decided to go for a picnic on the 1st of January, which also coincided with the New Year celebrations. I remember how excited I was and so was my younger brother and cousins. It was sheer excitement that morning!

I remember I could not sleep the previous night thinking about the fun we would be having the next day. I got my picnic attire ready so that I would not have to waste any time the next day. I was the first to wake up and then called everybody so that we could start moving as soon as possible. Every minute seemed so precious. My mother got busy preparing some delicious breakfast and tasty snacks for the journey. My brother, cousins and myself were busy putting all the games together that we would be playing at our destination. But, where were going. Finally my father decided to take us to Nicco Park. This whole episode was so thrilling. Soon, we our entire family was seen scurrying into the car and 'hurray', we were on our way.

The journey by car was great. I had travelled by the 'Scorpio' many times, but today the drive down the road was different. The air was filled with fun and laughter and we were really enjoying ourselves. Mum's snacks were great and so was the fruit juice that we had while travelling. Along the way we cracked jokes and sand songs. We were soon in front of the gates of 'Nicco Park'. It was around 9:30 am in the morning. We got down from the car and we waited for my father and uncle who went to park the car and arrange for the entry tickets. The hurdle of booking the entry tickets was crossed easily and we were inside Nicco Park.

We managed to find a nice spot and settled down for a while. Then we started going for some of the most interesting rides. We began our endeavour by going on the merry-go-round. It was great fun. Then we hurried towards the counter for a ride named 'striking cars'. This ride was among the best because my father, mother, uncle, aunt and cousins all decided to go for the ride. We had a great time striking each other's car. The next ride we went on was the 'giant wheel'. This ride was scary but the next ride 'the roller coaster' brought my heart into my mouth. We were all sliding down from a great height to land into the water. I was screaming out of excitement when 'splash' I was thrown into water and so were my cousins. What a great feeling! My excitement surpassed my fear. There was no end to the rides. We went on the toy train that took us all around the park; we also went for a boat ride which so nice and enjoyable. Well by now it was lunch time!

My father treated us to a great and sumptuous continental lunch that had some very tasty food on the platter. I enjoyed my lunch. After lunch we had ice-creams, which is my favourite. We rested for a while, and then started to play several games such as badminton, throw ball and frisbee. We also spent a good deal of time playing on slides, see-saws and swings. By then it was time for some nice coffee. My parents and relatives were busy chatting, while we helped ourselves with some great desserts. The desserts were just awesome!

We spent a little more time enjoying the cool breeze in the park and then decided to return home. We got into the car for our return journey back home. I was a bit sad as this beautiful day had come to an end. But, while returning home we could not stop talking about the fun we had. Most of all we were busy browsing through some of the nicest photographs taken by my mother and aunt. Some nice video recordings were also taken. It was a wonderful picnic that we all thoroughly enjoyed, the memories of which will always be cherished from the bottom of my heart..

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