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  • Paris, France: BNP Paribas bank branch
  • Dirk Parlevliet
  • Jan van der Plas
  • Dirk van der Plas
HeadquartersValkenburg, South Holland, Netherlands

Area served


Key people

  • Dirk Parlevliet
  • Jan van der Plas
  • Dirk van der Plas

Production output

300,000 tonnes (2008)
Revenue$500 million to $1 billion (USD) per year

Number of employees

ParentRederij Samenwerking I B.V.
SubsidiariesUK Fisheries Limited
Compagnie Francaise Du Thon Oceanique
Heiploeg International B.V.
Ouwehand Visverwerking B.V.

Parlevliet & van der Plas is a privately owned international fisheries company [1][2][3][4] based in the Netherlands, founded in 1949 by Dirk Parlevliet and brothers Dirk and Jan van der Plas.

The company began by purchasing herring at auctions for resale, eventually expanding into operating a large fleet of fishing trawlers operating globally. They are exporters of seafood to Africa and suppliers of fish for zoos.

Parlevliet & van der Plas is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. [5]

The company operates a 6500m2 freezing store on Faroe Islands, Denmark. [6]

Spread of operations[edit]

The firm regularly enters into other fisheries through acquisitions.[7][8][9]

Regular acquisitions with partners make the spread of the company extensive, across different fisheries in the world. [10][11][12][13]


In 2013, Greenpeace lodged a legal complaint against Parlevliet & van der Plas for the alleged dumping of 1.5 million kg of fish into the ocean. [14][15]

In 2012 and 2015 the firm introduced Super trawlers into Australian waters, utilising the Tasmanian firm Seafish Tasmania. [16] The presence of the trawlers in Australian waters provoked widespread criticism of Seafish Tasmania, and Parlevliet & van der Plas. [17]



  • Annelies Ilena (KW174)
  • Annie Hillina (ROS170)
  • Dirk Dirk (KW172)
  • Helen Mary (ROS 785)
  • Jan Maria (BX791)
  • Maartje Theadora (ROS 171)
  • Margiris (KL855)
  • Naeraberg (KG14)


  • Andre Leduc (BL 924680)
  • Arosa Catorce (3 CO-2-3846)
  • Arosa Doce (3 CO-2-3845)
  • Artic Warrior (H 176)
  • Bressay Bank (BL 900470)
  • Cap Nord (BL 734 690)
  • Cap Saint Georges (BL 924675)
  • Dorado (LVL 2133)
  • Farnella (H 135)
  • Grande Hermine (SM 640670)
  • Joseph Roty (SM 199078)
  • Klondyke (FHPJ)
  • Mark (ROS 777)
  • Nordic 2 (BL 341160)
  • Ocean Tiger (R 38)
  • Kirkella (2HF18)
  • Haltenbank II (BL 931410)
  • Nuevo Virgen de Lodairo (59973)
  • Nuevo Barca (3aVI-5-1-14)
  • Brites (A-2130-N)
  • Joana Princesa (A-2053-N)
  • Praia de Santa Cruz (7-12-M)
  • Dorado (ROS 804)
  • Nida (KL759)
  • Gerda Maria (ROS 783)
  • Joseph Roty II (SM 199078)


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