It255 Unit 9 Assignment 2016

GE 217: Gender Issues “Is It Harder to Grow Up Male or Female in America?” Gender issues have always been a controversial topic. Many ask themselves, is it harder to grow up male of female in America? Looking back on history and today, I will agree that the female gender definitely has it harder growing up in our American society. Although, women have come a long way in obtaining their civil rights, the role of women in society is still been greatly overseen (Williams 1990). Throughout history, women in America were limited in their roles. Women were once seen as only needed to bear children and take care of household activities such as cooking and cleaning, while their husband would provide for his family (Eagly 2004). It was common for a man to go out and provide for his family while the woman would stay at home and take care of all the necessary household chores and children. Women are also held to higher standards of what is defined as dignity. Society many times judges a woman’s character based on the way they are dressed, the company

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