Phd Dissertation Topics In Psychology

Previous thesis topics

Graduating year 2017

Ashton, Rebecca
A qualitative exploration of the impact of stress and workplace adversity on healthcare staff experiences, well-being and resilience

Baker, David
Psychological perspectives on stigma and self-compassion in adults with epilepsy

Binsale, Laura
Self-concept clarity, adverse experiences and psychopathology

Cheng, Joanna
The mechanisms of psychological therapy with people with long-term physical health conditions

Clarke, Aoife
A systematic review of the concept of self-disgust, and an empirical examination of its role in post-traumatic stress difficulties

Deavin, Toni
A qualitative exploration of family members' experiences of paediatric chronic illness

Elsdon, Ruth
A qualitative exploration of the experiences of women involved in sex work

Empson, Kate
Family carers and mental health: The role of self compassion

Fagan, Stephanie
A compassionate and relational understanding of borderline personality disorder

Faulkner, Rachael
Experiences of transition to secondary school in children with a cleft lip and/or palate

Foat-Smith, Gemma
Staff experiences in paediatric trauma services: Exploring perceptions of resilience when dealing with distress

Heavey, Thomas
A qualitative exploration of how risk is conceptualised and worked with in mental health services

Higson, Hayley
Exploration of mental health professionals' views on hope and austerity: The synergy of a paradox?

Hugill, Mel
Early life adverse experiences and the effect on parenting stress and schizotypal symptons

Joyce, Ciara
Lived long-term experience of eating disorders: A narrative exploration

Kirkham, Rosie
Exploring the experiences of staff working in forensic mental health settings

Moore, Jessica
A qualitative exploration of the movement disorder experience

Oliver, James
Being the parent of a child with either a cleft lip and /or palate or limb difference

Pettitt, Alice
Women's stories of emotional distress, relational experiences and sense-making. Listening in a different way

Potts, Rebecca
Disability following traumatic brain injury: Considering the wider context

Rathbone, Lucy
The role of emotions in obsessive-compulsive experiences

Rouski, Charlene
Looked after children's experiences of self-harm: A qualitative analysis

Sicilia, Anna Chiara
Risk-taking behaviour in people diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Smith, Laura
What are the experiences of caring for a loved one with a chronic illness

Watterson, Rachel
Emotional and systemic experiences of having a partner with dementia

Wedlock, Laura
The role of interpreters in accessing psychological support and developing relationships in mental health and deafness

Williamson, Emma
Does professional language affect help seeking in young people? A randomised study

Graduating year 2016

Barcroft, Rachel
Chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis and fibromyalgia: A social model of disability perspective

Browne, Claire
Psychological interventions in forensic learning disability services: A focus on anger and aggression

Burden, Nicolas
Body image and self-disgust as self-appraisals influencing adjustment to limb amputation

Clancy, Anna
An exploration of experiences of bipolar disorder with couples

Davies, Josie
Psychosocial pathways involved in the development of psychosis

Duxbury, Anna
What is the process by which a decision to administer electronconvulsive therapy (ECT) or not is made: A grounded theory informed study from the perspectives of those involved

Goakes, Natasha
The relationships between mental health experiences, trauma and posttraumatic growth

Hopper, Mirella
Quantitative investigations of compassion satisfaction and challenges to compassion in mental health professionals

Irving, Kerry
Relatives' experiences of last resort interventions for people with mental health difficulties

McKail, Rachel
Exploring transracial and transethnic international adpotion

McNeil, Jay
An exploration of transgender people's mental health

Price, Kelly
What is the relationship between self harm and self compassion in the context of voice hearing

Regan, Laurence
The views of adults with Huntington's Disease on assisted dying: A psychological exploration

Simpson-Adkins, Graham
Parents, adverse childhood experiences and psychological distress

Smith-Gowling, Claire
Towards an understanding of the self-behaviour of vulnerable young people

Spankie, Heather
The importance of addressing the impact of contextual difficulties on mental health

Tallentire, Liz
Psychological characteristics related to epileptic and non-epileptic seizures

Theed, Rachael
Psychological distress in the context of Huntington's Disease

Tikare, Nicola
The experience of seizures: Epilepsy and non-epileptic attack disorder

Warren, Emma
An exploration of adult attachment, style, empathy and social distance

Graduating year 2015

Bradley, Jo
Sleep disturbances following traumatic brain injury: lived experiences and the use of psychological interventions

Brewster, Kay
Client experiences of CBT: factors influencing engagement

Cramond, Laura
Exploring experiences of compassion amd resilience in clinical psychologists working in palliative care

Curvis, William
Self-esteem and social anxiety following brain injury

Davidson, Sarah
Recovery and sense of self for individuals with a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis

Dawson, Benjamin
The experience of low grade and pituary tumours

Diab, Pascal
Neuropsychological assessment and coping in traumatic brain injury

Edwards, Nicola Faye
Experiences of support following a diagnosis of breast cancer

Ellis, Rachael
What is the lived experience of young people during their admission to a psychiatric inpatient unit

Hough, Rebecca
Psychiatric diagnosis: learning from people who experience distress and the practitioners who work with them

Ingham, Charlotte
Experiences of non-heterosexual women in relation to psychological wellbeing

Leigh, Melissa
Living well with acquired visual impairment: a narrative analysis

Lewthwaite, Helen
Challenging behaviours: caregiver attributions and emotional experiences

Lord, Ailsa
The experiences of staff supporting people with dementia, death and bereavement

Parry, Sarah
Qualitiative explorations of talking therapies for CSA survivors and theraputic relationships for people experiencing dissociation

Roberts, Bethan
An exploration of the way in which services support adolescents with eating disorders

Saveker, Sarah
Relationships between mental imagery, emotion and suicidality in extreme mood states

Tallentire, Elizabeth Margaret
Psychological factors related to epileptic and non-epileptic seizures

Turner, Roisin
Psychiatric diagnosis: views of service users and professionals

Tyerman, Emma
Family experiences after paediatric aquired brain injury

Walls, Helen
Well-being in psychologists

Watkinson, Marcelina
Anna Mothers' experiences of postpartum psychosis and negative emotions during breastfeeding

Graduating year 2014

Dawn Johnson
Exploring experiences of parenting a child with autism

Amy Singleton
Young people's perspectives on the role of the media in wellbeing

Kate Houlihan
Caring for looked after children from the perspectives of foster carers and social workers

Olivia Wadham
Understanding shared experiences of couples and families in which one person has dementia

Caroline Wyatt
Postnatal mental distress: exploring the experiences of professionals, mothers, and significant others

Reed Cappleman
Managing bipolar moods without medication: A qualitative investigation

Amy D'Sa
Exploration of how children and young people self-construe following a traumatic experience

Hannah Wilson
Clinical psychologists' experiences of accessing personal therapy during training

Rachel Wass
Compassion and burnout in community mental health work

Jennifer Hewitt
Young people, home and homelessness a narrative exploration

Lucy Morris
The process of change in non-residential therapeutic communities

Diarmaid O'Lonargain
Experiencing health services and mentalisation-based treatment for borderline personality disorder: Service user perspectives

Roxanna Mohtashemi
An exploration of psychiatrists' understanding and use of psychological formulation

Richard Colley
Hearts and minds: How do people experience and psychologically recover from traumatic cardiac treatment-related events?

Alexandra Turner
Caring for patients with dementia in a general hospital setting

Lisa Jones
An exploration of coping in sex work

Irram Walji
Narrative identities and self-constructs of individuals with histories of sexual and violent offences

Graduating year 2013

Jade Ark
Navigating the organ donation journey

Catherine Elson
The narratives of life before and after cardiothoracic transplant

Victoria Cairns
Experiences of support for first-episode psychosis: Family member seeking help and service user engagement with psychosocial formulation

Emma Chorlton
An exploration of the experiences of people with coexisting mental health and substance use difficulties

Sophie Croft
Does coping mediate the relationship between attachment style and substance use in a clinical and non-clinical sample?

Peter Dargan
Mental imagery and self-injury

Jannine Dowling
Therapists' perceptions of the therapeutic alliance in 'mandatory' therapy with sex offenders

Samantha Fitzpatrick
Evolutionary processes in paranoia

Tim Fullen
Stories from adoptive parents: A narrative analysis

Suzanne Heffernan
The role of religion and faith in the recovery journey of individuals with experience of psychosis

Samantha Large
Service users' experiences of risk management in relation to their own self-harm

Peter Lydon
Lived experiences of rupture and endings in psychological therapy

Gail Meadows
The development of the fatigue severity scale for people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury

Peter Morgan
A qualitative analysis of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for stress for therapy health care workers

Nicola Pilkington
The experiences of body image in young women with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM)

Jennifer Pomfret
Narratives of living well with cystic-fibrosis

Sumayah Refaat
Experience of bipolar disorder from the perspectives of parents with the diagnosis of family members

Stacey Story
Providing therapy whilst pregnant: Reflections of clinical psychologists after returning to work

Katherine Taylor
Art, creativity and mental health

Graduating year 2012

Claire Anderson
What is the process by which placement supervisors make difficult decisions in trainee assessment?

Eirini Athanasopoulou
Understanding previous experiences and developing parenting views: The perspective of adults who have been in care

Sharon Carr
Clients' experiences of CBT: Meta-synthesis exploring experience and a narrative analysis of maintaining change

Helen Casey
Experiences of Apathy in People with Parkinson's Disease: A Qualitative Exploration

Samantha Cooke
Narratives of Experts by Experience and Conceptualisations of Mental Health Recovery

Katy Flynn
"A Post-Transplant Person". Narratives of Heart of Lung Transplantation and Intensive Care Unit Delirium.

Ian Gill
Psychological Factors Associated with Posttraumatic Stress Following Brain Injury

James Heath
Living with a Pituitary Tumour: A Narrative Analysis

Yvonne Heslop
Admission to Discharge: Experiences of inpatient mental health care from the perspective of individuals with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder

Carla Innes
Mechanisms of change in Compassion Focused Therapy: A grounded theory investigation

Susan Knowles
Exploring Parents' Understandings of their Child's Journey into Offending Behaviours: A Narrative Analysis

Caroline Maxted
Huntington's disease: Family experiences and presymptomatic genetic testing in young people

Claire McDonald
Palliative care professionals' experiences of unusual spiritual phenomena at the end of life

Sinead Murphy
Narratives of change in fathers who have completed an Incredible Years Parent Training Programme

Cara Pouchly
Cultural Competence: The Importance of Exploring Identity

Karen Quinn
The experience of stroke from the perspectives of survivors and partners

Elizabeth Rushbrooke
Exploring Intimate Relationships for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Carey Viala
Eating Disorders, Alexithymia and Emotions: A Narrative Review and Qualitative Study

Rebecca Waldron
Navigating the Solid Organ Transplant Process

Samuel Watts
Cultural factors in the provision of psychological support

Graduating year 2011

Deb Anderson
Making sense of intimacy and sexual health for people with exstrophy-epispadias complex conditions

Natalie Arran
Illness perceptions, coping styles and psychological distress in adults with Huntington's disease

Suzey Breckon
Listening to the voices of intellectually disabled offenders: Qualitative enquiry in secure services

Ruth Clayton
The journey through early intervention services: A narrative analysis

Catherine Cooper
Stories of ongoing transition: An exploration of becoming and being retired

Deanna Donnellan
The interpersonal impact of trauma: Couples' experiences and current approaches to treatment

Rebecca Dunn
The relationship between trauma and psychosis

Jana Fusekova
Mechanisms of change: A qualitative investigation into the emergence of exits in Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Ayse Gurpinar-Morgan
The process of seeking asylum in the United Kingdom

Victoria Lee
Older people's experiences of residential care

Claire Matchwick
The perceptions of cause and control in people with Alzheimer's disease

Kriten Mistry
Exploring the psychological experiences of people living with a diagnosis of motor neurone disease

Charlotte Morris
Emotion and self-harm

Kathryn Pemberton
Self-conscious emotions and eating disorders

Jodie Quigg
An exploration into the active ingredients within therapeutic practice: A meta-synthesis of the therapeutic alliance and a grounded theory of the mechanisms of change

Karen Seal
Family experiences of the cancer journey

Nicola Spence
Improving the effectiveness of supervision: A clinical psychology perspective

Emily Suter
Obesity: An emotion focused understanding and the role of clinical psychology

Graduating year 2010

Elizabeth Allsop
The construction of the coparenting relationship: A qualitative enquiry

Melanie Booth
The self regulation model and psychological outcomes of people with primary brain tumours

Elizabeth Chamberlain
Stories of adoption: A narrative analysis

Suzi Curtis
Aspects and stories of helpful therapy and its outcomes: A narrative enquiry

Mary Delaney
Perceptions of cause and control of impulse control disorders in people with Parkinson's Disease

Amy Fisher
Partners of alcohol-dependent adults: intervention effectiveness, predictors of enabling behaviours and gathering data by-proxy

Tessa Franken
A qualitative exploration into adolescents' understanding of emotional difficulties in female peers

Karen Green
Couples' participation in dementia research and partners' perspectives on their relationship in young onset dementia

Rebecca Jones
An investigation of vicarious posttraumatic growth

Catherine Keen
A qualitative exploration of sensing presence of deceased following bereavement

Rachel Lever
Religiosity: Effects on client and clinician

Christina Mason
A narrative exploration of the experiences of clinical psychologists following client suicide

Lindsay McMahon
The experience of fibromyalgia: A narrative inquiry

Zoe Nowell
The subjective experience of personhood in dementia care settings

Cathy Parker
A qualitative investigation of the experience of coping and recovery from stroke at a young age

Aneela Pilkington
Psychological well-being and barriers to accessing psychological services within South Asian and Muslim populations

Helena Rose
Using a participatory approach to explore how young people understand the concept of social inclusion

Ian Rushton
Developing an early therapeutic alliance with the transferred client

Sangeetha Senthinathan
A qualitative exploration of the role of identity in older people experiencing chronic pain

Rachel Skippon
Exploring and supporting stories of resilience in parenthood

Greg Taylor
A qualitative investigation into non-clinical voice hearing: What factors may protect against distress?

Graduating year 2009

Rachel Chin
A qualitative exploration of first time fathers' experiences of becoming a father

Keely Clarke
Do shame, self-criticism and/or depression mediate the relationship between negative early life experiences and later problems with eating?

Beatrice Cox
How does having Asperger Syndrome affect parenting experience?

Fiona Eccles
Perceptions of cause and control in people with Parkinson's Disease

Kathryn Evans
Support staff's experiences of relationship formation and development in secure services

Kara Garforth
Service users' perceptions of change following treatment in democratic therapeutic communities

Katie Hatton
The experience of guilt, shame and entrapment in carers of people with dementia and the relationship of these variables to psychological outcome

Katie Jackson
Understanding young offenders' experiences of drinking alcohol: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Jenny King
Dementia and long-term care experiences from a relative's perspective

Amy Mawson
A qualitative exploration of voice hearing within an interpersonal context

Victoria Molyneaux
The caring relationship: reflections on terminology and the concept of 'couplehood' compulsions in people with dementia

Rachel Orr
A qualitative study exploring people's responses to their partners' and spouses' obsessions and compulsions

Hannah Osborne
A psychosocial model of parent fixation in people with dementia: the role of personality and attachment

Amie Smith
Attachment patterns, supervisory style and the supervisory working alliance

Katie Splevins
Theories of posttraumatic growth: vicarious and cross-cultural aspects

Lesley Taylor
Listening to people with Learning Disabilities about their identity andexperiences of therapy

Jan Warnes
'Rebuilding after the Storm': Stories of Young Motherhood

Louise Woods
Multiple Sclerosis and the experience of self

Graduating year 2008

Jane Bewley
Does alexithymia mediate the relationship between obligatory exercise and eating pathology in adult female exercisers?

Claire Blackburn
Client Attachment to Services, Satisfaction with Services and their Predictors

Naomi Brown
Retrospective Accounts of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Eating Disorders: Which Aspects were Most Useful

Clare Dixon
A Qualitative Exploration into Young Children's Perspectives and Understandings of Emotional Difficulties in Other Children

Jennifer Elvish
Clinical and Demographic Predictors of Poor Insight In Individuals with Obsessions and Compulsions

Sara Evans
Stroke, Psychological Outcomes and the Self-Regulatory Model

Stephen Field
Subjective Experiences of Personal Relationships throughout the Course of Schizophrenia: Low Secure Service-Users' Perspectives

Lee Fitzpatrick
A Qualitative Analysis of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Parkinson's Disease

Sonia Guirguis
Burnout and Ways of Coping Among Workers in Young Offender Services

Kathryn Heaton
Men with intellectual disabilities who display sexually abusive behaviour

Gemma Horridge
BurnEd: Exploring the Factors Influencing a Burn-Injured Child's Return to Education.

Clare Jefferson
The pregnancy and health care experiences of women who became mothers when they were teenagers

Kelly McCarthy-Sweeney
The Impact of Adolescent Self-Harm on Parental Well-Being

Louise McKenzie
An examination of the factors that affect activities of daily living skills in individuals who have undergone coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Chantel Morland
An Investigation of the Factors Associated with Body Dissatisfaction in Adult Men

Louise Phin
Paradox and conflict: An exploration of personal accounts of self-harm and self-injury

Jonathan Rust
Evaluation of a School-Based Intervention Addressing Children's Appraisals of Interparental Conflict

Rachel Scullion
Exploring Bereavement and Spirituality in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Emma Simpson
The experiences of administrative staff working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A grounded theory study

Alison Thorpe
Patients' Experiences of Psychiatric Intensive Care: A Wellbeing Perspective

David Todd
A phenomenological analysis of delusions in people with Parkinson's Disease

Jane Toner
Asking about Childhood Trauma: The Experiences of Psychological Therapists in Early Intervention Services

Sharon Twigg
Facial difference: Psychosocial implications for individuals and relevant others

Stephen Weatherhead
Muslim Views on Mental Health and Psychology

Graduating year 2007

Hayley Bailey
Distress and the self-care practices of trainee clinical psychologists.

Dominic Basson
An investigation into the role of worry and rumination in deliberate selfharm.

Elizabeth Bray
A qualitative study of postnatal resilience in fathers and mothers and what services can do to help.

Claire Beale
Mothers' experiences of raising a child with autism.

Anna Caudwell
Differential coping with disease-related stressors and its effects on psychological outcomes and quality of life in people with Parkinson's Disease and their spouses.

David Dawson
The implicit relational procedure: assessing the implicit beliefs of sexual offenders.

Jennifer Deakin
An exploratory study to identify obstacles and enablers to communication about erectile dysfunction following cardiac trauma.

Johan Elliott
The relationship between magical thinking, thought-shape fusion and symptoms associated with eating difficulties in a non-clinical population.

Ashley Fallon
Forensic inpatient sexuality: a qualitative investigation of the nursing perspective.

Joanna Farrington
A study investigating the relationship between parental conflict, self-concept and the roles children play in bullying situations.

Louise Ferguson
The effects of training on the ability of adults with a learning disability to give informed consent to medication

Nicholas Gore
Theory of mind and perspective - taking ability amongst people with intellectual disabilities.

Joanne Gorry
Conceptualisations of risk within female sex work: a literature review.

Chris Groom
Online game playing, lifestyle factors and general health in men aged 18-40

Sarah Holden
Subjective experiences of transgenerational parenting effects: a qualitative analysis.

Amy Hothersall
Illness beliefs, coping and psychological outcome in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Matthew Kemsley
User involvement in personality disorder literature: methodological, clinical and theoretical considerations.

Jane Lawton
The use of alcohol in a chronic pain population: physical and psychosocial factors.

Rachael Line
Understanding intimacy and its effects on wellbeing for a sample of older women: a grounded theory approach.

Shirley Lockeridge
The experience of carers of people with young onset dementia

Andrew McLean
Psychological well-being and perceptions of stigma in people with a disability.

Laura Pickering
The role of attachment in paranoia and hallucinations.

Joanne Singleton
Shame in adults: exploring the relationships between shame, attachment, the family system and psychological outcome.

Graduating year 2006

Elizabeth Billington
Does hopefulness predict good adjustment to chronic renal failure and consequent dialysis?

Aileen Burnett
An investigation into self-harm in primary school aged children

James Carr
The impact of pre-morbid personality on challenging behaviour in dementia

Lisa Gallimore
Young children's beliefs and attitudes towards mental health

Amanda Gill
Development and primary validation of the Thought Control Questionnaire (TCQ) for adolescents

Hannah Goring
Measures of depressive rumination and of underlying metacognitive beliefs: A factor analytic study

Lynne Heyes
Investigating the relationship between presence of negative thoughts and control strategies in postnatally depressed and non-postnatally depressed mothers after childbirth

Rebecca Humphreys
The effect of individual differences upon response styles to low mood

Rasha Khiami
Relationships between perfectionism, perseverative negative thinking and affect

Paula Killean
How do nursing staff, working in a secure forensic setting, talk about their responses to patients' challenging behaviours: A qualitative study

Fiona Lattimer
The impact of child-centred play taught in behavioural parent training on the development of children's language skills

Suzanne Lee
The psychological impact of a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Rachael McNulty
The experience of obesity: a qualitative study

Kavita Misra
The ruminative response scale: a cross-cultural factor analysis and gender comparison

Kirsty Pratt
An investigation of the psychosocial characteristics of individuals requesting cosmetic surgery on the NHS

Clare Punshon
Emotional reactions to receiving a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome

Sandra Renga
Harnessing hope to promote positive reappraisal coping and post-traumatic growth

Laura Shotton
The role of appraisal and coping in post-acquired brain injury adjustment; A qualitative investigation

Becky Simm
An understanding of self harm in primary school children

Stephanie Sneider
Trauma Experiences of adolescents with psychosis

Caroline Williamson
Caregivers' experiences of caring for a spouse with Parkinson's Disease and psychotic symptoms

Jacqui Wood
Adapting the Illness Perception Questionnaire for mothers of children with Autism and Down's Syndrome

Anwen Woodcock
Does rumination run in families?

Anna Warm
The role of attachment experiences and emotional regulation in deliberate self-harm

Graduating year 2005

Yasmeen Akram-Saleem
A study to investigate empathy amongst adult offenders and non-offenders with mild intellectual disabilities

Jennifer Atkinson
A study to investigate the emotional and behavioural adjustment of Asylum seeker, refugee and British Children attending a Primary School in the United Kingdom

Clare Calvert
An exploration of the relationships between trauma and delusional ideation in secure services

Rachel Crossley
Experiments of antipsychotic medication for people with Learning Disabilities

Ruth Fowlie
Social inclusion, citizenship and people with intellectual disabilities

Ruth Fox
A study of the relationship between Childhood Trauma and Symptom profiles of Bipolar disorder

Tamsin Fryer
The experience of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis: an interpretive phenomenological analysis

Angela Goddard Walsh
An exploration of clinical psychologists' experiences of informed consent in psychodynamic therapy

Joanna Hearne
Experiences of the child protection system for women with alcohol problems

Leanne Holcroft
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after stroke

Catherine Houseman
Anger beliefs and behaviour; an investigation of associations with hypomania in a non-clinical sample

Linsay Kirk
A phenomenological study to explore the impact on children of parental brain injury

Tania Mann
Problem-solving confidence, rumination and depression

Ruth McIver
Illness representations and psychological adjustment in people with end-stage renal disease on dialysis

Karen Shimmon
An investigation of Inhibitory control in hard to manage preschoolers and the effects of 'Executive Skills' training

Jenny Shuttleworth
Factors affecting the correspondence between teacher and child self-reports of anxiety and depression

Rachel Stretton
An exploratory investigation into sex-related communications by parents of an adolescent with intellectual disabilities

Louise Talbot
Psychological outcome in people with Parkinson's Disease and their spouses: the effect of motor fluctuations

Lorraine Tatum
ADHD: diagnosis, medication and self-identity in adolescents. An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Claire Wilde
Relationships between parenting styles and metacognitive beliefs about rumination in depression

Graduating year 2004 (17 trainees)

Lucy Attenborough
Changing Young People's attitudes toward people with mental health problems: Evaluation of an educational Approach

Amy Burns
Family and Marital Adaptation Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Erica Clayton
The experiences and identity issues of men with intellectual disabilities who sexually offend against women

Cindy Davies
The impact of a booster session following behavioural parent training

Saffron Dickinson
Repetitive thought as a predictor of treatment outcome in individuals who misuse alcohol

Dickson Katharine
Body site specificity of self-injurious behaviour in children with severe intellectual disability

Ailyn Garley
A Case Series to Pilot Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Female Urinary Incontinence

Kate Green
An Investigation of Transgenerational Parenting Constructs and their relationship to childhood behaviour difficulties

Pauline Hall
Postnatal negative cognitions: A review of current understanding and development of a self-report scale

Lindsey Hampson
Parental Attributions, Responses, and expectancy towards Behaviours of children with a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome

Catherine Marshall
Breast Reconstruction: Its impact on patients' and Partner' Sexual functioning

Stephen Mullin
Does Executive Functioning predict behaviour change in offenders following the enhances thinking skills programme?

Paul Russell
Carer responses to Challenging Behaviour: The role of optimism

Jennifer Seamans
Experiences of pregnancy for women with eating disorders: A qualitative investigation

Paul Skirrow
The prevalence and correlates of burnout amongst direct care workers of adults with intellectual disabilities

Sara Williamson
Self-esteem and psychological adjustment in adolescents with Asperger syndrome

Jonathan Willis
An Investigation into the association Between Physical activity and dimensions of psychological Well-being among Children with an intellectual disability.

Graduating year 2003 (13 trainees)

Susanne Albrecht
The involvement of people with learning disabilities in person-centred planning

Sara Banks
Models of illness amongst carers of people with dementia

Jo Black
The impact of a child with Asperger's syndrome on parents

Julie Blakeley
Quality of life amongst adolescent survivors of childhood heart surgery

Caroline Browne
Attachment behaviours and parent fixation amongst adults with dementia

Louise Cumbley
Factors associated with hallucinations and delusions in children

Christina Fitzgerald
Sexuality and women with learning disabilities

Lucinda Harter
Understanding of the basic principles of CBT amongst older adults and adults with dementia

Lloyd Humphreys
Family environment and challenging behaviour in families with a young child with learning disabilities

Joanne Johnson
Meta-cognition and rumination in depression

Elizabeth Peacock
Post-traumatic stress disorder amongst adults experiencing burns

Jacqueline Peyton
Comparing models of hypertension between older adults and professionals

Lorraine Turnbull
What skills are necessary for people with learning disabilities to engage in community leisure activities?

Graduating year 2002 (12 trainees)

Alison Blackshaw
An investigation to determine the social and psychological characteristics of people who frequently attend Accident & Emergency services

Nigel Colbert
A qualitative investigation into the experiences of clients and therapists engaged in psychodynamic interpersonal therapy following an episode of deliberate self-harm

Rupa Gone
Illness representations, coping, depression and anxiety in South Asian and British people with inflammatory arthritis

Cheryl Hutton
Children's adjustment following parental separation: the role of interparental conflict and children's appraisals

Alec Laraway
Prevalence of emotional disorders in adults with Asperger syndrome and access to mental health services

Richa Mehta
Burnout in clinical psychologists in the UK: an examination of its nature, extent and correlates

Karen Mellor
Emotion identification, emotion word fluency and alexithymia in people with learning disabilities

Moira Phillips
Theory of mind and concept of death in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Helen Rhodes
Care staff responses to behaviour changes resulting from dementia in people with learning disabilities

Julie Riding
Psychological functioning, coping strategies and metabolic control in adolescents with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Kirsty Sherratt
Emotional and behavioural responses to music in people with dementia

Julie Walmsley
Parental attributions and responses towards challenging behaviour displayed by children and adolescents with learning disabilities

Graduating year 2001 (11 trainees)

Gerrard Burrell-Hodgson
Theory of mind and children with autism: a cross-modal deficit?

Magdalene Cox
Thought-shape fusion, obsessive-compulsive disorder and eating disorders.

Clare Firth
Women considering preventive mastectomy: a qualitative investigation of the decision-making process.

James Hoy
Central coherence and children with autism: consistency of deficits acrosscentral coherence tasks.

Rachel McCormick
Women experiencing domestic violence during pregnancy: impact on the mother and the child.

Gill McIntee
Dissociation and self-harm in adolescent women attending A&E departments.

Andrew Moss
The role of dysfunctional attitudes and knowledge in health anxiety: the case of HIV/AIDS education.

Victoria Pike
Physical functioning, coping and quality of life amongst adults in need of long-term rehabilitation.

Claire Rockliffe-Fidler
Sexual functioning in women with diabetes.

Samantha Todd
Attributions, emotional reactions and willingness of offer help to a person with dementia and challenging behaviours: comparing support staff and clinical psychologists.

Jacqueline Wilson
Testing the congruent schema/life event theory of depression in outpatients of an adult mental health service.

Graduating year 2000 (7 trainees)

Caroline Belcher
The impact on parents of their pre-school child being accidentally burned: a phenomenological investigation.

Jaime Craig
Social reasoning, paranoia and theory of mind in adults with Asperger's syndrome and paranoid psychosis.

Catherine Gartside
Social support as a mediator of the impact of crime on the mental health of older adults.

Rebecca Hughes
Negative therapist interventions and patient outcomes in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Warren Larkin
Attributions, hallucinations, delusions and post traumatic stress disorder amongst paramedic staff.

Ian Smith
The role of autobiographical memory in problem solving and challenging behaviour in people with mild/moderate learning disabilities.

David Wheatcroft
Attitudes towards help-seeking, coping and mental health in farmers.

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Sample dissertation topics of Ph.D. students

  • Islamophobia and the Muslim American Identity: An Exploration of Gender, SES, and Self-Esteem
  • The Effect of Interaction with a Therapy Dog on College Student Stress Levels as Measured by Physiological Indications
  • The CTS2: One Size Does Not Fit All
  • Towards a Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Psychology: Exploring MENA identity in a Post-9/11 Global Context
  • The Effects of Perceived Discrimination and Cultural Protective Factors on Latinos’/as’ Psychological Health
  • A Multicultural Examination of the Relationship Between Coping and Well-Being in Parents of Children with Disabilities
  • The Relationship between Psychological Flexibility, Nonattachment, and Bicultural Identity Integration
  • Radically Coming To Be: The Black Masculine’s Construction of Identity, Race, and Culture, and Contextual Elements of Sexuality
  • Qualitative and Narrative Assessment of Self-Concept and Identity: A Grounded Theory on Ethnic and Racial Labeling in America
  • Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT) and Mexican/Mexican-American Youth Career Development, with a Special Focus on STEM fields
  • Gender Differences in Academic Outcomes: The Role of Self-Efficacy and Racial Identity
  • Effects of Hypnosis on Regression to Primary Process Thinking
  • Testing a Dialectical Model of Meaning in Life and Well-Being in Four Cultures
  • Understanding and Quantifying the Roles of Perceived Social Support, Pet Attachment, and Adult Attachment in Adult Pet Owners’ Sense of Well-Being
  • The Effects of Deployment Stress and Cognitive Schema Disruption on Relationship Satisfaction among Non-Marital and Marital Partners of Service Members
  • Exploring the Indigenous Structure of Vietnamese Personality: A Lexical Approach
  • Positive Adaptation in Women Following Sexual Assault: A Grounded Theory Study
  • Comparison of a Cognitive Behavioral Plus Life Review Intervention and a Life Review Only Intervention for Retired Adults over Age 65
  • Efficacy of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Integrating Personality and Coping in Predicting Well-Being across Cultures
  • Personality and Cultural Determinants of Social Anxiety in Asian Americans
  • Effects of Stereotype Threat on Low-Income Individuals
  • The Relationship between Gender Role Conflict and Self and Other Awareness in Male Counselors Treating Men.
  • Childhood Gender Nonconformity and Adult Drive for Muscularity
  • Qualitative and Narrative Assessment of Self Concept and Identity: A Grounded Theory and Ethnic and Racial Labeling in America.
  • Effects of Brief Ego State Therapy on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Manualized Approach
  • Effects of Perceived Discrimination on Asian Americans: A Daily Process Study
  • Understanding and Quantifying the Roles of Perceived Social Support, Pet Attachment, and Adult Attachment in Adult Pet Owners’ Sense of Well-Being
  • Integrating Personality & Spirituality as Predictors of Subjective Well-Being
  • The Influence of Perceived Social Support on the Relationship Between Acculturation and Subjective Well-Being among Asian Indians
  • Social Cognitive Career Theory and Hispanic Youth Career Development with a Special Focus on STEM Fields
  • The Effects of Yoga on Body Dissatisfaction, Self-Objectification, and Mindfulness of the Body in College Women
  • Integrating Personality and African American Racial/Ethnic Identity in a Comprehensive Model of Perceived Discrimination and Well-Being
  • Self-Determination and Hedonic Well-being in a Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • A Psychosociocultural Investigation of Psychological Well-Being among Chicana/o Undergraduates
  • Biculturalism and Personality as Predictors of Subjective Well-Being in Chinese Americans
  • The Validity of the Strong Interest Inventory in Predicting College Major Choice and Academic Achievement
  • Familismo, Enculturation and Acculturation as Predictors of Psychological Well-Being
  • Hypnosis of Pain: Live vs. Audio Recorded Inductions
  • Cross Cultural Differences in Response Styles
  • Nisei, Sansei, and Yonsei: Acculturation, Ethnic Identity, and Subjective Well-Being among Three Generations of Japanese Americans
  • The Structure and Measurement of Self-Construals: A Cross-Cultural study of the Self-Construals Scale
  • Toward Measurement of Self-Efficacy for Cross-Cultural Research
  • The Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale, Form C: Normative Data of an American Indian Sample
  • The Influence of Psychological Separation and Attachment on The Career Development of Filipino Americans
  • The Experiences of Latina Graduate Students in Psychology Programs
  • Experimental Pain in Hypnosis Research: Ischemic vs. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (Tens)
  • Battered Women’s Evaluations of their Intimate Partners as a Possible Mediating Factor between Abuse and Self-Concept
  • An Investigation of Taiwanese Norms For the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale: Form C (Mandarin Chinese Translation)
  • Examining the Relationship between Race Related Stressors and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among African American Male Vietnam Veterans
  • Is Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder Or The Dominant Culture? Acculturation, Ethnic Identity, and Facial Attractiveness Perceptions of Asian American Women
  • Testing Sociocultural and Ethnocultural Models of Eating Disorder Symptomatology in Asian-Indian American Women
  • Development and Validation of an Enculturation Scale For Filipino Americans
  • Spirituality and Race in the Counseling Preferences of African American Adults
  • Relating Implicit Theories of Personality, Self-Monitoring and Self-Construals in the United States and Japan: Testing an Integrated Cultural Trait Psychology Theory
  • The Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scare, Form C: Normative Data of A Mexican Sample

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