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One of the first prison systems was called the Pennsylvania System. The ideology of this system was used in the Eastern State Penitentiary in the early 1800s. This system had very definite ideas on how a prison should be organized and managed. The operation of this prison was based on the following 5 general principles (Clear, Cole, & Reisig, 2006): 1. Do not treat prisoners harshly, but instruct them that hard and selective forms of suffering could change their lives. 2. Solitary confinement will prevent further corruption. 3. Offenders should reflect on their transgressions and repent. 4. Solitary confinement is considered punishment. 5. Solitary confinement is economical.
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These punishments or correctional aspects have done a great deal to the effects upon the prisoners. For the punishment of solitary confinement, this can go both ways. In one way if you put an individual in confinement they have time to think about the crime that they have committed and can give a good hard look at their life. Then on the other hand if you put someone in confinement where there is no noise, no light, and nothing to do this person can go mentally insane. When it began it was for the hardest criminals it has changed now a days to you get confinement for doing another crime in prison, being a disturbance, and/or refusing to do a request for the guards such as take a sheet off you window so they are able to see in on what you are doing, that way they can tell if you are okay or trying to do something illegal in prison. This would include drugs, wine, shanks, etc. also they are able to tell your mental state, if you are in imminent danger from yourself.
The aspect on working in prison has changed but only for the safety of the prisoners and guards. If helped some of the prisoners have something to do during the day, a way for them to be productive. Then on the other hand in the beginning they were forced to work no matter if they liked it or not, there were even stories of them being sold as slaves. Cell blocks in the beginning were huge; they had a restroom, bed, work area, and exercise space. Now the cell

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Essay on Task 1 unit 5 sports coaching

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Task 1

Describe P1 and Explain M1 four roles and four responsibilities of sports coaches, using examples of coaches from different sports.

P1 - Describe 4 roles and 4 responsibilities of sports coaches, using examples of coaches from different sports

M1 - Explain 4 roles and 4 responsibilities of sports coaches, using examples of coaches from different sports

The 4 roles of a sports coach I am going to talk about it are for them to be a motivator, an organiser, a mentor and a role model.

Motivator – a good motivator is someone who’s their who’s able to enthuse a team and who’s able to influence them to play their best. A motivator is there to drive their team to achieve their aims. Sports coaches are extrinsic motivators, extrinsic…show more content…

We all have a duty of care to everyone we come into contact with or have an effect on, this responsibility increases as we take on more responsible roles such as being a coach. Duty of Care is a legal commitment to being responsible.

First aid – All Coaches should hold an appropriate First Aid award to ensure they have the skills to appropriately treat an athlete if they are needed to. Coaches must ensure they have all your health records encase something were to happen e.g. if you had epilepsy and you suddenly began having a fit the coach would have to know what to do.

Keeping records – One of the responsibilities of the coach is to keep records. Whilst you may not be directly responsible for all of the following records, you may need to collect information about your participants, your sessions, safety, accidents, venues etc. Coaches also have a responsibility to the Data Protection Act (1998) that states only relevant and necessary information should be held, used only for the purposes stated, not kept for longer than required, secured in a safe place, disposed of securely, and not passed on without consent.

Insurance – If a coach fails to meet their duty of care and someone becomes injured or suffers loss or damage, they can make a claim against the coach. It is therefore vital that coaches have insurance to provide cover against claims. It is important that details of any known incidents or injuries that occur to students while being

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