Objects And Others Essays On Museums And Material Culture Conference

Essays on Museums and Material Culture

Arranging Ethnology: A. H. L. F. Pitt Rivers and the Typological Tradition
William Ryan Chapman

From Shell-Heaps to Stelae: Early Anthropology at the Peabody Museum
Curtis M. Hinsley

Franz Boas and Exhibits: On the Limitations of the Museum Method of Anthropology
Ira Jacknis

Philanthropoids and Vanishing Cultures: Rockefeller Funding and the End of the Museum Era in Anglo-American Anthropology
George W. Stocking, Jr.

Art and Artifact at the Trocadero: Ars Americana and the Primitivist Revolution
Elizabeth A. Williams

The Ethnic Art Market in the American Southwest, 1880–1980
Edwin L. Wade

On Having a Culture: Nationalism and the Preservation of Quebec’s Patrimoine
Richard Handler

Writing the History of Archeology: A Survey of Trends
Bruce G. Tigger

Objects and Selves—An Afterword
James Clifford

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The Material Culture Caucus (MCC) of the American Studies Association (ASA) wishes to encourage participation in the 2015 Annual Meeting: “The (Re)production of Misery and the Ways of Resistance,” October 8-11, 2015, Toronto, Canada. To read the conference Call for Papers please visit the ASA website.

Areas of interest related to the theme include, but are not limited to, the material culture of:

• War and other forms of violence

• Empire and colonialism

• Slavery

• Crisis and trauma

• Diaspora and immigration

• Prisons

• Poverty

• ‘Basic needs’: food (and water), clothing, and shelter

• Alienated/unalienated labor

• Inequitable/‘fair’ trade

• Racism

• Patriarchy/feminism

• Heteronormativity/queerness

• Ruins and preservation

• NAGPRA, repatriation, and cultural patrimony

• Climate change/sustainability

• Religion and spirituality

• Failure in business, technology, architecture and design, or relationships

• depression/the Depression

• Disability/access

• Consumerism: excess, ethical consumption, advertising, shopping malls, dark stores

• Entertainment

• Comfort/discomfort

• Self disciplining: beauty rituals, dieting, exercise, organizing, ‘happiness’ coaching

The MCC hopes to help link potential panelists with shared interests in material culture topics.…

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