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British English: undisturbed ADJECTIVE
Something that remains undisturbed is not touched, moved, or used by anyone.
The desk looked undisturbed.
  • American English: undisturbed
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tranquilo
  • Chinese: 未动用过的
  • European Spanish: tranquilo
  • French: comme avantN
  • German: ungestört
  • Italian: non toccato
  • Japanese: 触られていない
  • Korean: 손대지 않은
  • European Portuguese: tranquilo
  • Spanish: tranquilo

British English: reassured ADJECTIVE
If you feel reassured, you feel less worried about something, usually because you have received help or advice.
I feel much more reassured when I've been for a health check.
British English: tranquil ADJECTIVE
Something that is tranquil is calm and peaceful.
The tranquil atmosphere of the inn allows guests to feel totally at home.


tranquila [trãˈkwilu, a]
5. (seguro)sure, certain
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20 Coolest Words in Spanish

20 Coolest Spanish Words

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What are the 20 coolest words in the Spanish language? In this purely subjective list I rank what are, in my humble opinion, the 20 coolest Spanish words. Whether you agree with me or not, I hope you’ll add them to your vocabulary.

tranquilo – Cool, quiet, composed, laid back, chilled out. Can also use it as a command to tell someone to relax and calm down.

escuincle – Kid, brat.

Ese escuincle me molesta.
That kid annoys me.

chamba – A Mexican word that means “work”. The related verb is chambear.

Me falta dinero. Necesito chamba.
I don’t have any money. I need a job.

órale – Mexican word that means “OK”, “alright” or “go for it!”

dale – Argentine version of órale.

escopeta – A shotgun.

genio – Literally means “genius”. Used similar to “cool!” or “awesome!”

pantalones – Pants. Not necessarily a cool word, but it sounds cool. Also can be used to mean “courage” or “guts”.

Ese tipo no tiene pantalones.
That guy has no guts.

tranquilízate – Calm down! The verb is tranquilizarse.

boludo – Argentine slang that means stupid, idiot, idiotic, etc.

baboso – Slimy, moronic. Can use it to describe a man drooling over a beautiful woman.

chiste – A joke.

Buen chiste.
Good joke.

cállate – Means “shut up”. The verb is callarse.

Cállate la boca.
Shut your mouth.

cachazo – A strike with the butt of a gun. In English we say “pistol whip”.

la brujita – Literally means “little witch” but is also the nickname for Juan Sebastián Verón, a famous Argentine soccer player.

pelotudo – Useless, foolish.

lamentablemente – Means “regrettably”. Six long syllables. What a mouthful.

ojo – Eye. But can also mean “look out” or “take note”.

las nalgas – Buttocks.

hazlo – Means “do it!” Uses the command form of the verb hacer.

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