Immigration In The Us Essay

The Impact of Immigration on The United States Essay

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The United States is a country that was built on immigration. The first settlers, Native Americans, represent less than 2% of the total population; the remaining 98% of the population are immigrants or decedents of immigrants. Today, the US still has the highest immigration rate in the world with 757,434 naturalizations in the 2012 fiscal year only (US Naturalizations 2012, Department of Homeland security). People try to immigrate to the United States for many reasons. Some people immigrate because they have been granted a refugee status or asylum and other people immigrate to fulfill their dreams. Immigration has an effect on the American society and economy. The US cannot survive without immigrants.

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Furthermore, once in the US, most immigrants (due to lack of work authorization ) cannot provide for their needs. They make less than minimum wage so can only live in shady neighborhoods where insecurity rates are high. In order to survive, many immigrants do criminal acts like prostitution, theft, drug dealing, etc. And that generally increases the rate of insecurity in the nation. From an economic aspect, immigration is somewhat beneficial since it increases the US work force and it’s economy. According to Camarota Steven on his testimony’’ Immigration and the US economy’’, immigration overall increases the economy of the US due to the fact that more workers and more people mean bigger GDP. He also pointed out that the impact of immigration of the seize of the economy is not a measure of the benefits of natives. That means that regardless of the benefits of natives, Immigration is a tool to increase the economy of the US. On the other hand, it can be detrimental to the US economy. In fact most of the immigrants work “under the table” which make the fiscal

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The United States has often been referred to as a global “melting pot” due to its assimilation of diverse cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities. In today’s society, this metaphor may be an understatement. Between 1990 and 2010, the number of foreign born United States residents nearly doubled from 20 million to 40 million, increasing the U.S. population from almost 250 million to 350 million people. With U.S. born children and grandchildren of immigrants, immigration contributed to half of this population growth. These immigrants, consisting of mostly Asian and Hispanic backgrounds, have drastically changed the composition of the U.S. population. In 2010, Asians and Hispanics made up 20 percent of the U.S. population, in contrast to a 6…show more content…

Without the extra work and consumption provided by immigrants, the economy of the United States would collapse. Despite the common notion that immigrants steal jobs from Americans, the 2005 Economic Report of the President shows that immigrants actually create many jobs for natives by increasing the demand for goods and services. Studies show that competition with American workers among immigrants is very minimal and limited to the unskilled labor. Therefore, these immigrants are only competing with natives who have insignificant education and occupy jobs in fields such as construction, manufacturing, landscaping, agriculture, etc. As the education level of Americans continues to increase and older workers retire, these jobs are becoming increasingly vacant. Immigrants will fill these essential jobs in the labor market, such as the unappealing low skilled jobs. Immigrants continue to strengthen local economies through their higher productivity and increased consumption (“Contributions”). Not only do immigrants provide outstanding economic contributions to the United States, but immigrants also provide increasingly important social contributions. Immigrants have essentially shown American society what it is to be “American.” American society is generally defined by the ideals of freedom, equality, justice, human dignity, and individual determination. Immigrants are exceptional representations of these principles. For example, the strong work ethic of immigrants has been

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