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Curriculum Overview

Contemporary society is media-saturated, with multi-national media institutions shaping our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us.

In this context, a variety of literacy skills are needed to explore fully and enjoy the range of media texts now in circulation.

To this end, the AQA Media Studies course equips pupils both with the language necessary to analyse media texts, and the technical skills needed to create their own. 

AQA GCSE Media Studies

Unit 1: Investigating the Media
Exam Unit – 1 hour 30 mins – 60 marks – 40%
External Assessment, based on pre-released topic which changes annually.

Unit 2: Understanding the Media
Controlled Assessment taken from banks of set assignments – 90 marks – 60%
Three Assignments: Introductory assignment; Cross-media assignment; Practical Production and Evaluation.

AQA AS Media Studies (single award)

Unit 1: Investigating Media
Exam Unit – 2 hour – 80 marks – 50%
Section A: four compulsory essay questions.
Section B: Choice of one from two essays (based on a Cross-Media Study).

Unit 2: Creating Media
Coursework Unit – 80 marks – 50%
Externally set production briefs. Students choose two linked production pieces taken from two of the three media platforms, plus 1500 word evaluation.

AQA A2 Media Studies

Unit 3: Critical Perspectives
Exam Unit – 2 hour – 80 marks - 25%
Section A: three compulsory essay questions.
Section B: Choice of one from two essays (based on the key concepts of Representation OR New Digital Media).

Unit 4: Research and Production
Coursework Unit – 80 marks - 25%
Critical Investigation (48 marks based on a 2,000 word essay.
Linked Production (32 marks based on students’ practical production).

Enrichment Strategies

AQA GCSE Media Studies Assignment 3 Practical Production Evaluation Guide

Rob Miller | Wednesday January 09, 2013

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Hot Entries, News, Popular Press, Production Zone, Print Production

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You must produce a 700-800 word Evaluation which should reflect upon the process of the production from the aims right through to the 4 Newspaper Page production.

Structure your Evaluation using the sub headings for each section below and include in each section an image of your production e.g. one of the newspaper pages (as a smaller image) in draft form or the final page or part of the final page. You need to do this to illustrate and explain to the Moderator the areas you are evaluating:

Section 1: How the Aims of the Newspaper Production were met.

  • Explain your initial intentions – to develop 4 Newspaper Pages for a new publication that was informed by research into real media output and that references the codes and conventions of a Tabloid e.g. The Sun, a Mid-Market Tabloid e.g. The Daily Mail, a Broadsheet e.g. The Guardian or a Local Newspaper e.g. Newcastle’s Evening Chronicle.
  • Did you meet your aims? Explain why or why you did not meet your aims with reasons. What did you do fist that enabled you to meet your aims? You may have studied existing newspapers, annotated existing front covers and selected pages to help you understand the type of media and technical language used. You may have also researched target audiences and circulation figures and how newspapers target a specific demographic.
  • You may also want to reference, as identified above how the circulation figures of newspapers has fallen as a result of new digital media and the many different ways there are now of accessing news e.g. 24 hour rolling television news, the internet, mobile phone applications and also social networking or even social news and entertainment websites like Reddit – one of your aims may have been to address this by including convergent links on your newspaper pages.

Section 2: How your Newspaper references Genre Codes and Conventions and uses appropriate Media / Technical language.

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