Case Study Of Homeopathic Remedy Staphysagria

Mind: The mental symptoms are very important, and the impressions made upon the mind and thence upon the body guide to Staphysagria as a remedy.

Excitable, easily aroused to anger, but seldom irascible, that is, easily disturbed and excited, but seldom manifests it.

Suitable in cases where complaints come from pent up wrath, suppressed anger, suppressed feelings. The person becomes speechless from suppressed indignation, anger with indignation. Complaints brought on by these causes; irritable bladder with frequent urging to urinate, lasting many days after suppressed wrath, after insults.

“Great indignation about things done by others or by himself; grieves about consequences.”

A gentleman comes in contact with one beneath his station and an altercation takes place, an argument which ends in insult, and the gentleman turns his back on the other. He goes home and suffers; he does not speak it out, but controls it and then suffers from it.

He has sleepless nights and many days of fatigue, brain-fag; for days and weeks he cannot add nor subtract, makes mistakes in writing and speaking, has irritability of the bladder, colic, etc.

Loss of memory with a sense of weight between the eyes; it is difficult to say whether this is a feeling in the head or an effort to describe a dullness of mind. Feels as if a ball of wood were in the forehead, or as if the whole cerebrum were made of wood; it feels numb.

It is difficult to state whether it is a condition of the mind or head. Accompanying this sensation of a lump in the forehead is a feeling as if the whole back of the head were hollow; the patient may describe it as a feeling of numbness or a lack of sensation.

“Indifferent, low-spirited, dullness of mind after onanism.”

Staphysagria cures these conditions when they are the result of sexual excitement, masturbation, excesses in venery, allowing the mind to dwell too much on venereal subjects. Thinking on sexual relations. These patients are irritable, easily fatigued, most excitable, and when they have to control their emotions they suffer intensely.

One who is in health can easily put aside a controversy, knowing that he has done what is right, but a Staphysagria patient when he has to control himself goes all to pieces trembles from head to foot, loses his voice, his ability to work, cannot sleep and a headache follows.

Many a time a man has come into my office with blue lips, trembling hands, pains about the heart and all over, and he thinks he is going to die. He tells a story of an altercation and pent up wrath, and Staphysagria stops his trembling and quiets him. Without it he would have sleepless nights, brain-fag, prostration and headache. This state belongs especially to those who have indulged in sexual excesses.

Now, the next step. The senses are in this same irritable state, so that the tips of the fingers are sensitive, the ears are sensitive to noise, the tongue is sensitive to tastes and the nun to odors; so sensitive that everything is painfully sensated.

Every little inflamed spot will have in its center sensitive points, little nerve spots; ulcers when touched cause the patient to go all to pieces and a convulsion threatens.

Hoemorrhoidal tumors are so sensitive that they cannot be touched. Little nerve tumors form in the skin, little polypoid growths the size of a wheat grain and denuded of epithelium, covered with moisture, red, inflamed, blue, and a mere touch will throw the patient into convulsions and suffering for days and nights. A hypersensitive nerve growth will come out on the hand or on the back. Sometimes it turns back.

Women: Again, a little wart will come out, especially about the genitals and anus, little caruncular growths about the urethra and vagina, so sensitive that if nipped between the fingers the patient will go into spasms, especially if a woman.

Staphysagria suits all three of the miasms.

These nervous states run all through the complaints. Look for a case of Staphysagria where the whole mind and nervous system are in a fret.

The Staphysagria headache is a numb, dull pain in the occiput and forehead, especially in these nervous constitutions.

“Sensation as of a round ball in the forehead, sitting firmly there even when shaking the, head.”

Headaches from vexation and indignation.

Crusty, squamous eruptions on the scalp.

“Painful sensitiveness of the scalp, skin peels off, with itching and smarting, worse in the evening and from getting warm.”

The scales are lifted up by a watery exudate and the denuded surface is extremely sensitive to touch.

New growths about the lids and balls of the eyes, extremely painful to the touch. Meibomian tumors (Conium, Thuja), in irritable children (Kreos).

Another feature in Staph, is its action on the glands; scrofulous glands; glands of the neck enlarge; enlarged and indurated ovaries and testes; stitching, tearing pains in the glands everywhere. Hardness and chronic induration.

Stitching, tearing pains along the course of the nerves; in the heart, and as in such a nervous patient the mind is likely to be on the heart, the stitching pains in the intercostals are supposed to be in the heart. Stitching pains directly through the chest to the back.

Swelling of the tonsils after the abuse of Mercury. Chronic tonsilitis, tonsils are not large but hard from previous attacks of acute tonsilitis; strumous diathesis; cross and irritable.

“Pains come on after eating.”

The Staphysagria patient has much difficulty in the bowels. Subject to chronic diarrhoea and to constipation. Colic, twitching, tearing pains in the abdomen. Diarrhoea from cold water, from eating, from indignation, anger, with flatulence of a terribly offensive odor like spoiled eggs.

“Chronic diarrhoea or dysentery of weakly, sickly children after anger; after being punished, after emotions.” (Coloc. and Chamomilla)

Staphysagria and Coloc. resemble each other. In both, eating and drinking cause griping and stool, both have colic as if stones were squeezing; Staphysagria in the intestines, head and testes; Coloc. in the intestines and ovaries; both are worse from anger. Causticum, CoIoc. and Staphysagria follow each other like Sulph., Calcarea and Lycopodium

It often happens that nervous women soon after marriage are attacked with frequent and painful urging to urinate which becomes extremely troublesome and may last many days. Staph, is very comforting to the young wife.

Urinary and Genitals: Great teasing and tearing all night long bloody urine; involuntary discharge of urine, acrid and corroding, with burning, worse from motion.

Profuse discharge of pale urine with burning and urging. Burning during and after urination.

Staphysagria has cured enlarged prostate with frequent urging to urinate, especially in old men; continued teasing with dribbling.

”Frequent urging to urinate, with a scanty discharge in thin stream or discharge of urine in drops; may be followed by a sensation as if the bladder were not fully emptied.”

The most distressing symptom of the male genitals is excitability, but there is also impotence, great weakness of the sexual organs; the sexual desire is greatly increased but there is impotence.

Useful in the results of secret vice, long practiced.

“Seminal emissions followed by great chagrin and mortification, prostration, dyspnoea.

Effects of onanism or sexual excesses; loss of memory, hypochondriasis, taciturnity, face sunken, abashed look, nocturnal emissions, backache, weak legs, relaxed organs, deficiency of vital heat and tendency to take cold, deep sunken, red, and lusterless eyes, hair falls out; loss of prostatic fluid and impairment of sexual desire; dull and contusive pains in the testicles, voluptuous itching of the scrotum, atrophy of the testicles.”

Think of the extremely nervous patient.

Dry, sensitive warts about the genitals, from sycosis or from the abuse of Mercury, which cause a tendency to warty growths. Moist red, offensive warts belong to Thuja.

The testes dwindle as well as become inflamed and swollen; genitals waste away.

Sensation as if there were worms crawling over him. Crawling, etc., in the female external genitals, Coffea, Platina, Petrol., Apis, Tarent. hisp, the latter has. While outer parts feel as if insects were biting. and crawling, better from heat or cold.

In the female there is violent sexual excitement, nymphomania with extreme mental and physical impressions; mind has been dwelling too much on sexual subjects.

“Very sharp, shooting pains in the ovary, which is exquisitely sore to touch; pains extend along crural regions and thighs.

Menses irregular, late and profuse, sometimes wanting; first of pale blood, then dark and clotted.

Scorbutic diathesis, vegetations of the vagina; stinging, itching of the vulva.”

Miscellaneous: Stitching in the region of the heart; trembling of the body with nervous excitement is an excellent indication for Staphysagria

Effects from loss of blood, shock, from surgical operations, injuries from sharp instruments, incised wounds. Stinging, etc., in surgical wounds, cuts; colic after lithotomy, urging to stool, qualmishness, worse from drinking.

Tetter on the hands, itches and burns in the evening after scratching; numbness in the tips of the fingers; arthritic nodosities on the fingers.

I remember a patient suffering from gouty nodosities; he had lived a life of peculiar continence, dwelling on his vices, broken down in body. Staphysagria brought out an eruption on his legs as high up as the knees that looked like a pair of trousers.

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Dr.Ashis Datta

  “ – Angry people get hurt and cause hurt.”

Staphysagria is generally prescribed acutely for the physical affects of suppressed anger. In these causes, patient feels the anger and resentment clearly but no expression. The force of it rebounds upon the body, producing physical symptoms. Staphysagria is a very sensitive type; in particular, they are sensitive to parental aggression and disapproval. (Kent: ‘Oversensitive’, ‘Ailment from reproach’). 

Where the parents are often restrictive and more authoritarian, the young child learns that it is not safe to express his displeasure and lead him to stricture punishment. Sometimes parents are not so particularly strict, but they put the child down verbally, telling that he/she is good for nothing. The child is often either physically mistreated, or made to feel that he is not good. This condition plays a major role in the development of future illness.

Acute states of Staphysagria can arise in any constitutional type. The anger of constitutionally Staphysagria is usually much less apparent than in acute cases. Sometimes anger of such patient is often so suppressed that it is not only remain unexpressed, even not felt.

Chronic state or Constitutional types are determined more by his inborn quality than by environmental factors. There seem to be remarkable ‘resonance’ between constitutional type and the external influence they receive.

 According to their respond to the repression they may be grouped in to four –

1) Violent  2) Smooth   3) Subdued (quite thoughtful or depressed)    4)  Charming

The commonest cause of this resentment is rejection by loved one, usually a partner, especially when the rejection is done in an aggressive, hurtful way. The main point is that the anger is obsessive. ( W. Boericke: ‘ Impetuous, violent outburst of passion, hypochondriacal, sad’).

The violent, smooth, charming types tend to resemble each other physically. The subdued type also looks very similar to the former, but his feature becomes rigid and a little emotional. Once Staphysagria’s old, sub-conscious anger comes in to the picture, it attaches himself to the present circumstances, generates an endless resentment towards the person who rejected him. There may be genuine cause of anger, the way he was treated, but irrespective of the cause, his anger will take more than a few outbursts to defuse, since there is a huge reservoir of the past anger.

Violent – This type is little closer to the traditional Staphysagria, but more complicated than others. The majority of this type is found in male. They are very prone to confusion, dreamy and absent mind (Kent: ‘Concentration difficult’, ‘vacant feeling’).

They are romantic and usually craves for intimacy and charm of an intimate relationship, but his nature of tendency to avoid and escape (evasiveness) as well as violence, prevent him from fulfillment of his desire.

 Staphysagria patients (particularly violent type) is generally very much fond of sexual relation. (Kent: ‘Lascivious’, ‘Libertinism’ ‘Nymphomania’). There is a very closer connection between desire and aggression (the male hormone testosterone has been shown to promote both), and the suppressed anger of the violent Staphysagria tends to fuel his libido (sexual desire).

Like other types, the violent type is also predisposed to vivid and intense sexual fantasies (Kent: ‘Sexual thoughts intrude’), (W. Boericke: ‘Sexual sin and excesses’). These fantasies often drive him for frequent masturbation. (Kent: ‘Masturbation disposition’).

The aggrieved Staphysagria person lives, eat and dream of hurt and revenges. (W. Boericke: ‘Ill effects of anger and insults’)  

Smooth – They are generally very social and their emotional ‘lightness’ combined with their easy charm make them very popular. As they hide themselves from their deeper feeling, they are generally less successful in their private life and also liable to become angry when they glosses over serious problems, may be practical or emotional.

Subdued (quite thoughtful or depressed)– they are very much introverted, a fugitive, who run away from people in order to avoid repetition of their previous experiences.  This type of habit grows in their childhood to avoid punishment and to keep them out of sight of others, which continues to adult life. By doing so, he seriously restricts his emotional satisfaction.

Charming- This is somewhat more common than men than women, whereas in the other three types, they are rare or non-existent. they learn in childhood to avoid pain by being good, so good that becomes utterly complaint, incapable of expressing opposition to anything.

This type is often seen as a devoted wife of a somewhat dominating husband. Her mood is generally mild & cheerful and relatively stable emotionally. In the cases of suppression / tortured Pulsatilla, one can think of Staphysagria as it acts well in such a situation.

“If you argue and rankle and contradict, you may achieve a victory sometimes; But it will be an empty victory because you will never get your opponent’s good will”. Ben Franklin

Dr Ashis Datta, M.D(Hom)

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