Thesis Statement For Casablanca

MCO 473: Sex, Love, and Romance in the Mass Media • Required Assignment“CASABLANCA” DIS-ILLUSIONING TERM PAPER TEMPLATEBefore completing and submitting this document,RENAME IT AS INSTRUCTED on the Assignment link in its Module.To respond to each item, use your mouse to click/highlight the “XXX” and begin typing.(This should delete the “XXX”s and ensure that your typing starts at the correct place and in the correct font.)  Student Name: Emily Kingsley Student #: 1207292095    Semester (Season & Year): Spring 2017TIP: Study all 4 pages of the INSTRUCTIONS.pdf first. Single-space your text, and double-space between each item, as indicated on this template.1. THESIS OF YOUR “MINI” DIS-ILLUSIONING OF THIS FILM’S MYTH #1 (“Your perfectpartner is cosmically predestined, so nothing/nobody can ultimately separate you.”)Identify one of the several of our first 10 myths (Myths 1-10) that this film “normalizes” (inother words, presents as part of the preferred reading). Start your response to this item by adding thismyth’s number to the “headline” of this item (above) and write out the full statement of this myth in theparentheses in the above headline. Then insert your Thesis paragraph below.This response should be at least 150 words total but no more than 500 words. At the end of thecomplete response to this item, put your actual word count in parentheses.Casablanca (1942) plays off the Mass Media Myth #1, that states that your perfect partner is yourone and only true love and that you will always be together because nothing can tear you both a part. Inrelation to the movie, Rick and Ilsa are the truest of lovers, and nothing can separate them no matter whatconflict there is, and that they always have each other’s best interest into account. This movie glorifiesthat your one true love will always have an undying love for you that cannot be broken, and should beeven falter. Through all the war and drama that seems to be so normalized, Rick and Ilsa want the best foreach other, which Rick doesn’t realize that the best thing for him to do is think about himself and be alittle selfish for once instead of continuously ending up in a mess of things and putting himself in a badplace. (WORD COUNT: 158)2. “MINI” DIS-ILLUSIONINGOF THIS FILM’S MYTH #1 (“Your perfect partner is cosmicallypredestined, so nothing/nobody can ultimately separate you.”)Type your item #1 Myth number and its full statement in this item’s “headline” also, and thenbegin your mini Dis-illlusioning using only Steps 3-7(Deconstruction, Diagnosis, Design, Debriefing,and Dissemination) of Dr. Galician’s Seven-Step Dis-Illusioning Directions©. You must include specificexamples to support each Step. Each of these 5 Steps should be just one paragraph (for a total of 5paragraphs). Skip a line between each paragraph.

Without sacrifice, we have no ending to this movie. For about an hour and a half, everyone except Laszlo and maybe Annina is looking out only for himself or herself, and then in about two minutes, it's a virtual sacrifice extravaganza.

Rick sacrifices his love for Ilsa and puts himself in peril in order to do the right thing. Ilsa sacrifices her feelings for Rick and leaves with Victor. Renault sacrifices the security of his post by siding with Rick. All these sacrifices are seen as ennobling the characters, and they leave us something to feel good about after the love story doesn't work out as planned. People do the right thing, even if it isn't happily-ever-after.

Take a peek at these thesis statements. Agree or disagree?

It may seem that Rick was making a sacrifice when he let Ilsa go, but because what he really wanted was to ensure the safety of someone who could be detrimental to the Nazis, he wasn't really making a sacrifice at all.

By agreeing to go with Victor, Ilsa was making a greater sacrifice than if she'd chosen to stay with Rick and face possible death.

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