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Click “Add Course” to add the first course you took during this term.

Course Code

List the department prefix and number of the course, which will look something like this: “BIOL 101.” DEPARTMENT PREFIXES AND COURSE NUMBERS MUST MATCH THOSE ON YOUR TRANSCRIPT EXACTLY and cannot be shortened or altered. Some schools, such as Rutgers University, have a “numeric” department prefix instead of a letter one, so instead of “BIOL 101” you would enter “367 101.”

Course Title

The title of the course, just as it appears on your transcript, which will say something like: “Anatomy and Physiology I.” You MAY abbreviate your course title if it does not fit into the space provided and it is clear that it corresponds with the title listed on your transcript, i.e. “Anat and Phys I.” You may NOT enter abbreviations which are vague or misleading, i.e. “Bio.”

Course Subject

Select the AACOMAS course subject for the class using the drop-down menu which bests describes the course you took. If you cannot determine the correct subject based on your course’s title, please default to the department the course was offered through.  AACOMAS verifies course subjects using the course title and then departmental prefix listed on your official transcript.  AACOMAS will not except course descriptions to verify course subjects.

Please refer to the “AACOMAS Course Subjects” section of our instructions if you have questions regarding how these subjects are used.


Enter the number of credits for each course. A “credit” is the value of the course, and remains the same no matter what you earned as a grade. If your transcript lists both attempted and earned credits, you must list the ATTEMPTED CREDITS. There are two types of credits to be aware of, which are described below:

Normal Semester, Trimester or Quarter Credits 

If your course credits are mostly “3.0,” “4.0,” or “5.0,” your transcript is listing either semester, trimester, or quarter credits and NO conversion is necessary. List the credits as they appear on your transcript.

Unit Credits

If ALL of your course credits are listed as “1.0″ or 0.50″ your transcript is listing CREDIT UNITS and you need to make a conversion. Check the back of your transcript and search for a conversion ratio, which will say something like “1 unit is equivalent to 4 semester hours.” If there is no conversion on the back of your transcript, you should contact your registrar’s office to determine the conversion ratio. Once you have determined the conversion ratio, convert the credits by multiplying the number of units listed on your transcript by the conversion factor. For example, if your conversion is 1 unit = 4 hours and your transcript lists 1 unit for a course, you would enter in 4.00 credits on your AACOMAS application. If 0.50 is listed, you would enter in 2.00.


Enter you grade EXACTLY as it appears on your official transcript.


Once you enter your grade in the GRADE section, AACOMAS automatically converts it to the AACOMAS equivalent in the “AACOMAS Grade” section. This section allows AACOMAS to standardize transcripts for the DO programs, and this box cannot be edited. You can view charts which detail how grade conversions work below. Please note that there are different conversions for numeric grades depending on whether you attended a U.S. or Canadian institution.

Click “Save” to save the course. To add more courses taken DURING THE SAME TERM, click the “ADD COURSE” button. Once you have finished entering courses for a term, click “Add New Term” to create a new term.


Listing Pass/Fail Courses

Enter Pass/Fail courses EXACTLY as they appear on your official transcript. Be sure to enter the number of attempted credits and the grade listing. Enter a grade of “P” if the grade is listed as “P” on your transcript, or enter “NP” or “NS” if the grade is listed as “NP” or “NS” on your official transcript.  Pass/Fail courses are not included in your verified GPA calculation.

Listing Withdrawn Courses

Enter withdrawn courses EXACTLY as they appear on your official transcript. Be sure to enter the number of attempted credits and a grade of “W”. Withdrawn courses with a grade of “W” are not included in your verified GPA calculation. Withdrawn courses and courses taken multiple times for new credit (such as physical education courses) are not considered repeated. Do not mark withdrawn attempts as a repeated course or enter 0.00 credits

Listing Lab Credits

If your TRANSCRIPT lists labs separately, then they must be listed separately on your application as well. Please record the lab as it appears on your transcript, with the title, prefix/number, amount of credits, and grade given. If your transcript combines lab/lecture courses into one class on a transcript, they should be reported as one entry on your application.

Listing Test Credits

You may only report test credit if you were awarded credit by one of the colleges you attended for your performance on the test. This includes Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), CLEP, DANTE, REGENTS, and courses you “tested out of” at the college. These credits MUST APPEAR ON YOUR COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT in order for you to report them. List test credits under your first term at the institution which awarded you the credit. Your grade is “CR” for “Credit.” If no course prefix or number is issued, you may put “N/A” for “Not Applicable.” You must list the individual courses credited to you if your transcript lists them separately. If your transcript does not break down the credit into individual courses and you know what these are, you may still break this down yourself as long as the credits add up to the correct lump sum indicated on the transcript.

UNDERSTAND: Not all high school credit is “Advanced Placement.” If you received college credits for a course while you were a high school student but you did NOT take the College Board AP Exam, these courses are NOT “Advanced Placement” and should NOT be reported as test credit. Instead they are “Dual Enrollment,” and must be reported under the college which sponsored the class and are considered a regular college course.

Individual withdrawal
After the 100% drop deadline, there is a period for individual withdrawal from classes. Withdrawal results in a "W" on your academic record. Individual course withdrawal will produce no tuition credit or refund. Students may withdraw from individual classes by accessing the Registration menu from their my.emich account.

Students who have a financial or other hold that prevents registration may withdraw in person at either of the Service EMU locations, McKenny or the Student Center by calling the Registration office at 734.487.4111, or via their my.emich email account to registrar@emich.edu. Automatic withdrawal is permitted through two-thirds of the semester/subterm. (See calendars in the EMU Student Guide, for specific deadlines.)

Late Withdrawal
EMU policy provides students an opportunity to withdraw after the official deadline from an individual class or the entire semester/term, if they have extenuating circumstances of recent occurrence, that clearly prevent them from completing the course or courses in question.

Both undergraduate and graduate students who would like to petition for a late withdrawal may do so by completing and dropping-off the late withdrawal/tuition appeal request [PDF] format the Office of Records and Registration drop box in the hallway directly outside of 303 Pierce Hall. Students must provide evidence of extenuating circumstances and withdrawals are not automatic.

If you have questions regarding your late withdrawal/tuition appeal, please send an email via your my.emich email account to: Late_Withdrawal_Tuition_Appeal_Requests@emich.edu

Complete Cancellation Of All Your Classes For The Semester
If you decide not to attend a semester for which you have registered, you must cancel your entire class schedule or be subject to financial and/or academic penalties. If you neglect to notify the Office of Records and Registration, the University has no way to know that you do not plan to attend and will continue to reserve your space in the class.

NOTE: Non-attendance and non-payment of bills will NOT result in a class being dropped. You may cancel ALL classes by doing one of the following:

  • Come in-person to either of the Service EMU locations, McKenny or the Student Center
  • Mail or fax the cancellation form or a letter, including your student number, term, year and main reason for withdrawal, to the Office of Records and Registration, 303 Pierce Hall, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Fax: 734.487.6808. (Use of certified mail through the U.S. Postal Service is recommended.)
  • Call Registration at 734.487.4111.

Through the 100% deadline, a total withdrawal will result in a refund of 100% of tuition and fees*.

Through the 50% deadline, total withdrawal will result in a 50% refund of tuition and fees* and "W" grades.

Through the 25% deadline, total withdrawal will result in a 25% refund of tuition and fees* and "W" grades.

*Excludes the non-refundable registration fee.

Get the cancellation/withdrawal request form [PDF].

Dropping a Class

Within the 100% drop period, you can drop a class from your schedule at any time. Dropping a class removes it from your class schedule without any notation on your permanent record.

Should you need to drop your last remaining class, however, you will need to contact Records and Registration (see above) for assistance; you cannot drop your last class via the Web.

Once the 100% drop period has ended, you can no longer drop a class from your schedule; instead, you must withdraw. Although withdrawing removes you from the class, it is recorded as a 'W' grade on your permanent record. 

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