108 Names Of Lord Ganesha In Sanskrit Language Essay

1. Aum, Gajaananaaya Namahaa

2. Aum, Ganaadhyakshaaya Namaha

3. Aum, Vighnaraajaaya Namaha

4. Aum, Vinaayakaaya Namaha

5. Aum, Dvaimaathuraaya Namaha

6. Aum, Dvimukhaaya Namaha

7. Aum, Suraarighnaaya Namaha

8. Aum, Mahaaganapathaye Namaha

9. Aum, Maanyaaya Namaha

10. Aum, Mahakaalaaya Namaha

11. Aum, Mahaabalaaya Namaha

12. Aum, Herambaaya Namaha

13. Aum, Lambajatharaaya Namaha

14. Aum, Hasvagreevaaya Namaha

15. Aum, Mahodaraaya Namaha

16. Aum, Madothkataaya Namaha

17. Aum, Mahaaveeraaya Namaha

18. Aum, Manthrine Namaha

19. Aum, Mangala swaruupaaya Namaha

20. Aum, Pramadhaaya Namaha

21. Aum, Pradhamaaya Namaha

22. Aum, Prajnaaaya Namaha

23. Aum, Vighnakarthre Namaha

24. Aum, Vignahamthre Namaha

25. Aum, Vishvanethre Namaha

26. Aum, Viraatpathaye Namaha

27. Aum, Shreepathaye Namaha

28. Aum, Vaakpathaye Namaha

29. Aum, Shringarine Namaha

30. Aum, Pramukhaaya Namah

31. Aum, Sumukhaaya Namaha

32. Aum, Krthine Namaha

33. Aum, Supradeepaaya Namaha

34. Aum, Sukhnidhaye Namaha

35. Aum, Suraadhyakshaaya Namaha

36. Aum, Balotthithaaya Namaha

37. Aum, Bhavaathmajaaya Namaha

38. Aum, Puraanapurushaaya Namaha

39. Aum, Pushne Namaha

40. Aum, Pushkarotshiptha varine Namaha

41. Aum, Agraganyaaya Namaha

42. Aum, Agrapujaaya Namaha

43. Aum, Agragaamine Namaha

44. Aum, Netrakruthe Namaha

45. Aum, Chaamikara-prabhaaya Namaha

46. Aum, Sarvaaya Namaha

47. Aum, Sarvopanyaasaaya Namaha

48. Aum, Sarvakarthre Namaha

49. Aum, Sarvanethre Namaha

50. Aum, Sarvasiddhipradaaya Namaha

51. Aum Sarvasiddhaye Namaha

52. Aum, Panchahastaaya Namaha

53. Aum, Parvatheenandanaaya Namaha

54. Aum, Prabhave Namaha

55. Aum, Kumaaragurave Namaha

56. Aum, Akshobhyaaya Namaha

57. Aum, Kunjaraasura bhanjanaaya Namaha

58. Aum, Pramodaaya Namaha

59. Aum, Ashritha-vatsalaaya Namaha

60. Aum, Shivapriyaaya Namaha

61. Aum, Sheeghrakaarine Namaha

62. Aum, Shashvathaaya Namaha

63. Aum, Bhavaaya Namaha

64. Aum, Brahmachaarine Namaha

65. Aum, Brahmaroopine Namaha

66. Aum, Brahmavidya-vibhave Namaha

67. Aum, Jishnave Namaha

68. Aum, Vishnupriyaaya Namaha

69. Aum, Bhakthajeevithaaya Namaha

70. Aum, Jithamanmadhaaya Namaha

71. Aum, Aishvaryakaaranaaya Namaha

72. Aum, Jyaayase Namaha

73. Aum, Yaksha-kinnara-sevithaaya Namaha

74. Aum, Gangaa-suthaaya Namaha

75. Aum, Ganadheesaaya Namaha

76. Aum, Gambhira-ninadaaya Namaha

77. Aum, Vatave Namaha

78. Aum, Abhishtavaradaaya Namaha

79. Aum, Jyothishe Namaha

80. Aum, Bhkthanidhaye Namaha

81. Aum, Bhaava-gamyaaya Namaha

82. Aum, Mangala-pradaaya Namaha

83. Aum, Avyaktaaya Namaha

84. Aum, Modaka-priyaaya Namaha

85. Aum, Kanthimate Namaha

86. Aum, Dhruthimate Namaha

87. Aum, Kaamine Namaha

88. Aum, Kapittha-phala-priyaaya Namaha

89. Aum, Apraakrutha paraakramaaya Namaha

90. Aum, Sathyadharmine Namaha

91. Aum, Sakthyai Namaha

92. Aum, Sarasaambunidhayai Namaha

93. Aum, Mahesaayai Namaha

94. Aum, Divyangaayai Namaha

95. Aum, Manikinkinee-meghalaayai Namaha

96. Aum, Samastha-devathaa-muurthaye Namaha

97. Aum, Sahishnave Namaha

98. Aum, Satatotthithaayai Namaha

99. Aum, Vighathakarine Namaha

100. Aum, Visvagdrushe Namaha

101. Aum, Visvarakshaakruthe Namaha

102. Aum, Kalyaanagurave Namaha

103. Aum, Unmatthaveshaaya Namaha

104. Aum, Varajithe Namaha

105. Aum, Samstha-jagadaa-dhaaraaya Namaha

106. Aum, Sarvaishvarya-pradaaaya Namaha

107. Aum, Akraantha-chida-chit-prabhave Namaha

108. Aum, Srivighnesvaraaya Namaha

Aum, Sri Varasiddhi Vinaayakaya Namaha

Ashtotthara sathanaama pujam samarpayami

Dasangam guggulopetham sugandham sumanoharam
Umaasutham Namasthubhyam Grihaana varadobhava

(After this in the traditional worship one makes offerings of incense, light, food, flowers, thaambulam (betel nut or areca nut with betel leaf), and niraajanam (lighted camphor) to the deity accompanied by further chants)

108 names and 32 forms of Lord Ganesh

The number 108 has a big religious tradition - it is included in prayers, number of stairs, and prayer beds (rosaries), too. There are more opinions that explain the relevance of this holy number - for example, 54 letters in Sanskrit, if multiplied by 2 (Shakti + Shiva) will give 108 (all Sanskrit letters).

Buddhism also joined the tradition of this number. Many Buddhist temples have 108 stairs.

The following 108 names of Lord Ganesh should be pronounced with OM before them; an example: AUM vinaayakaaya namaH.

The picture of Lord Ganesh on the left is needlework (made by me) and the piece took me more than a month to create - about 2-4 hours of work every day.


Carry Lord Shiva (MaheshaBSD) with you - no matter where you go - OS (operating system) on a bootable CD with Internet, anonymity, mantras - all ready to serve you.


The following are 108 names of the dearest Lord Ganesh

1. Akhurath One with mouse as His vehicle
2. Alampata The Eternal One
3. Amit The Absolute without comparison
4. Anantachidrupamayam The infinite One
5. Avaneesh Master of the whole Earth
6. Avighna One without obstacles
7. Balaganapati The dearest child
8. Bhalchandra One with the Moon Crest
9. Bheema The massive and gigantic Ganesha on the jeweled throne
10. Bhupati Lord of all Lords

11. Bhuvanpati Lord of Lords
12. Buddhinath God of knowledge
13. Buddhipriya Bestower of knowledge
14. Buddhividhata God of wisdom
15. Chaturbhuj The four-armed (embodiment of this God)
16. Devadeva Lord of All Lords
17. Devantakanashakarin Destroyer of demons
18. Devavrata Who accepts all penances
19. Devendrashika Protector of the Gods
20. Dharmik One that supports people for showing their charity

21. Dhoomravarna One with a smoked-colored body
22. Durja The Invincible One (like Durga)
23. Dvaimatura Son of two Mothers (Mother Ganga also claims that Ganesha is Her son)
24. Ekaakshara The One of the sole syllable (OM)
25. Ekadanta The One with a single elephant task (Ganesha is depicted with one task only)
26. Ekadrishta Single-tasked
27. Eshanputra Son of Shiva
28. Gadadhara The One that wields a mace
29. Gajakarna The Elephant-eyed
30. Gajanana The Lord with the face of an Elephant
A picture of Ganesh in the form of Heramba (His Mother's Beloved Son)

31. Gajananeti Elephant-faced
32. Gajavakra Elephant trunk
33. Gajavaktra Elephant-mouthed
34. Ganadhakshya Lord of the Celestial Hordes
35. Ganadhyakshina Lord of Celestial Bodies
36. Ganapati Lord of the Ganas
37. Gaurisuta Son of Gauri (Parvati)
38. Gunina Lord of all virtues
39. Haridra The One Who is all in gold
40. Heramba His Mother's beloved Son

41. Kapila Tawny-colored
42. Kaveesha Master of poets
43. Kriti Master of melody
44. Kripalu Who is merciful
45. Krishapingaksha Black-yellowish-brown-eyed
46. Kshamakaram Abode of forgiveness
47. Kshipra Quick-acting
48. Lambakarna Lord with large ears
49. Lambodara Lord with a big belly
50. Mahabala Extremely strong

51. Mahaganapati The omnipotent and all-powerful One
52. Maheshwaram Lord of the universe
53. Mangalamurti Lord that personifies all that is auspicious
54. Manomay Conqueror of people's hearts
55. Mrityuanjaya Deathless
56. Mundakarama Abode of joy
57. Muktidaya Giver of eternal peace
58. Musikvahana Who has the mouse as His vehicle
59. Nadapratithishta He who loves music
60. Namasthetu Destroyer of all sins

61. Nandana Shiva's Son
62. Nideeshwaram Master of all treasures
63. Omkara The One whose form is OM
64. Pitambara Wearer of yellow color
65. Pramoda Lord of all abodes
66. Prathameshwara One who has the first place
67. Purush Supreme Authority
68. Rakta The red-colored One
69. Rudrapriya The most beloved One of Shiva
70. Sarvadevatman Accepter of celestial offerings

71. Sarvasiddhanta The One who bestows skills and adeptness
72. Sarvatman Protector of the Universe
73. Hambhavi Son of Parvati
74. Shashivarnam Moon-complexioned
75. Shoorpakarna Large-eared
76. Shuban One who is auspicious
77. Shubhagunakanan Master of all virtues
78. Shweta The One who is pure as white color
79. Siddhidhata Bestower of success
80. Siddhipriya Bestower of boons

81. Siddhivinayaka Bestower of success
82. Skandapurvaja Older than His brother Skanda (Lord Kartikeya)
83. Sumukha Of auspicious visage
84. Sureshwaram Lord of all Lords
85. Swaroop Lover of beauty
86. Tarun The ageless One
87. Uddanda Punisher of evil
88. Umaputra Son of Uma (Parvati)
89. Vakratunda Lord with a curved task
90. Varaganapati Giver of boons

91. Varaprada Granter of boons
92. Varadavinayaka Bestower of success
93. Veeraganapati The valiant warrior
94. Vidyavaridhi Lord of all knowledge
95. Vighnahara Destroyer of evil
96. Vignaharta Destroyer of obstacles
97. Vighnaraja Lord of all obstacles
98. Vighnarajendra Lord of all barriers
99. Vighnavinashanaya Destroyer of all afflictions
100. Vigneshwara Lord of all obstacles

101. Vikat Of a massive figure
102. Vinayaka Lord of all
103. Vishwamukha Lord of the Universe
104. Vishwaraja Lord of the world
105. Yagnakaya Accepter of sacrificial fires
106. Yashaskaram Giver of fame and glory
107. Yashvasin The Popular God

108. Yogadhipa Lord of meditation

32 forms of Lord Ganesh

Two Shaktis of Lord Ganesh (Siddhi and Riddhi) are often depicted on images of His forms. These forms are recognized in the Agamic Scriptures (the Agamas). These texts represent a big body of scriptures written in Sanskrit and revered as words that we remembered from God - Smriti. Each Hindu denomination has its own and unique Agama texts. God's forms may also represent a correlation with 32 paths and spheres of the Tree of Life. God as the Absolute Being is incomprehensible, so purpose of these forms is to bring the Absolute and ImmenseDivinity closer to our mind.

1: Baala Ganapati: Red-colored and four-armed Ganesh
2: Dharuna Vinayakar: Red-colored and eight-armed Ganesh
3: Bhakti Vinayakar: Grey-colored image of four-armed Ganesha
4: Veera Vinayakar: Red-colored and 16-armed Ganapati
5: Shakti Ganapati: Red-colored image of four-armed Ganapati
6: Dwija Vinayakar: White-colored image of four-faced Ganesha (with 4 arms)
7: Siddhi Vinayakar: Golden-colored and four-armed Ganesha
8: Ucchishta Ganapati: Blue-colored and six-armed Ganapati with His consort
9: Vigna Vinayakar: Gold-colored and eight-armed Ganapati
10: Kshipra Ganapati: Red-colored and four-armed Ganesha
11: Heramba Vinayakar: Black, ten-armed Ganesh with five faces, seated on a lion
12: Lakshmi Vinayakar: White and eight-armed Ganesha with two consorts
13: Makara Vinayakar: Ganesh in red, with a third eye and 10 arms
14: Vijaya Vinayakar: Red and four-armed Ganesh
15: Nritta Vinayakar: Gold Ganesh in a dancing posture
16: Urdhva Vinayakar: Gold-colored and six-armed Ganesha with His consort
17: Ekakshara Vinayakar: Red Ganesha with a third eye, seated on a lotus
18: Vara Vinayakar: Red and four-armed Vinayaka with a third eye
19: Dhryakshara Vinayaka: Gold-colored and four-armed Vinayakar
20: Kshipraprasaada Vinayakar: Red-colored image of six-armed Ganapati
21: Haridra Vinayakar: Yellow and four-armed Ganapati
22: Ekadhanta Vinayakar: Blue and four-armed Ganapati
23: Srishti Vinayakar: Red-colored image of four-armed Ganapati
24: Utthanda Vinayakar: Red-colored image of 10-armed Ganesh
25: Ranamochana Vinayaka: Crystal-colored and four-armed Vinayakar
26: Dundi Vinayakar: Four-armed image of Ganesha with a tusk, a garland and axe
27: Dwimukha Vinayakar: Red-colored Ganesh with two faces and four arms
28: Trimukha Vinayakar: Red-colored Ganesh with three faces and six arms
29: Simha Vinayakar: White Ganesh with eight arms (His arm has a lion's face)
30: Yoga Vinayakar: Red-colored image of Ganesh in a yogi's posture
31: Durga Vinayakar: Red-colored image of Ganesha with eight arms
32: Sankatahara Vinayakar: Red-colored image of four armed Ganesh in blue cloth


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