Liu Post Admissions Essay For Suny

Of these 2 colleges:

  • LIU Post is a Slightly Larger School: (8,623 vs. 4,353 Total Students)
  • SUNY-Old Westbury is Significantly More Difficult to Get In: (50.1% vs. 80.6% Acceptance Rate)
  • SUNY-Old Westbury Offers Significantly Cheaper In-State Tuition: ($7,643 USD vs. $35,546 USD)
  • SUNY-Old Westbury Offers Significantly Cheaper Out-of-State Tuition: ($17,493 USD vs. $35,546 USD)
  • LIU Post Provides Slightly Better Freshmen Financial Aid: (92% vs. 84% of Eligible Freshmen Receive Aid)
  • LIU Post Students Graduate More in 6 Years: (39% vs. 36% Graduation Rate)
  • LIU Post Students Earn Slightly More Salary Post-Graduation: ($44,600 USD vs. $43,200 USD Median Salary)
  • LIU Post Has Much Smaller Class Sizes: (13:1 vs. 18:1 Student-Teacher Ratio)
  • Both Institutions have the Same Summer Weather: (73 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Both Institutions have the Same Winter Weather: (35 degrees Fahrenheit)

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